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Menopause support evening 12th July 2018

Are you struggling with uncomfortable menopause symptoms or just want to know more about natural ways to minimise issues? Come along to an evening with The Treatment Space Therapists. I will be taking about the role of diet in supporting the menopause, with food ideas and tasters. My colleagues will be presenting sessions on a…

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Fermentation Workshop

This is a workshop I ran yesterday on gut health and making easy fermented vegetables. The participants were primary school staff and I ran two sessions as part of the school’s well being day. I talked about gut health, gut bacteria and the health benefits of including fermented foods in our diets. I took along…

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IBS Awareness – Managing your symptoms

IBS Awareness month is in April Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common gut complaint, thought to affect 10-20% of people in the UK. The main symptoms include long term constipation or diarrhoea with abdominal cramping pains and bloating. Some people have a type of IBS where constipation is the main issue, and in others…

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Stress awareness month – Managing your stress levels.

April is Stress Awareness Month so myself and my colleagues at The Treatment Space have put together some information to help you manage your own stress levels: Chronic stress can lead to serious health issues and affects most systems in the body. There are many emotional and physical disorders that have been linked to stress…

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National Endometriosis Week

Endometriosis awareness week  runs from 3rd to 18th March and aims to raise awareness of this condition and help women be diagnosed earlier. Endometrosis UK has more information on their website. Click here Nutritional Therapy uses food, and sometimes nutritional supplements, to support processes in the body with the aim of improving health. In endometriosis…

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ADHD research project Sheffield

I am very pleased to currently be involved with the STAR research project at Sheffield University. This project is carrying out research into complementary therapy treatments for children with ADHD. I am one of the Nutritional Therapists providing nutritional advice to children with ADHD and their families. I am really enjoying working with the families…

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Wonderful walnuts!

    Do you like walnuts? I love them! When they’re fresh they have a lovely sweet nutty flavour, but because of their high oil content they tend to ‘go off’ easily and develop a bitter taste. The best way to avoid this is to buy walnuts from a retailer with a high turnover so…

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Is butter bad for you or not?

Have you been following the recent debate about eating saturated fats such as butter? For years, since the 1970’s we’ve been told that saturated fats are BAD and should be replaced by polyunsaturated fats such as vegetable margarines and oils. Well now a new study has shown that the original health information was not actually…

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Gluten intolerance and IBS, the debate continues

This has been discussed recently in the Radio 4 Inside Health programme. Have a listen and see what you think. I see a lot of clients who are struggling to make sense of all the different information and advice on ways of managing IBS symptoms which they come across in the media and on-line. Do come…

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