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Delicious salad for lunch

I just added some chopped olives, anchovies and sun dried tomatoes to mixed leaves and cherry tomatoes, with some olive oil and lemon juice. The hard boiled egg gives plenty of sustaining protein and walnuts provide vital omega 3 fats and a lovely crunch. Quick and delicious!

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Are you eating your 7 a day?

You’ve probably hear about the recent study which suggests that increasing our fruit and vegetables intake to 7 or more portions cuts the risk of dying from cancer  and heart disease.   A portion is about 80g. So what does that look like?  Well the NHS has a handy guide For example 2 handfuls of blueberries, half…

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Red peppers – delicious and full of vitamin C

I love red peppers, especially the long pointed variety which tend to be much sweeter and flavoursome than the rounder bell peppers. They  can be expensive when bought cellophane-wrapped in supermarkets but can be cheaper sold lose in markets. I bought these from the Ozmen International Supermarket on London Rd in Sheffield, which sell lovely…

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Are low fat diets effective for reducing heart disease?

  In recent years food manufacturers have been trying to convince us that low fat foods are better for our hearts. But are they right? A recent review in The American Journal of Medicine looked at several major diet and heart disease studies conducted over the past decades, and found that people who ate a…

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