What to expect:

I will send you a heath questionnaire and food diary for you to complete before your first appointment. At your consultation we  will discuss this information in detail and address your specific health goals. I will provide you with an individual nutritional plan, and give you advice on supplements if appropriate to your needs.

You may only need one appointment to help you make changes to benefit your health. Long term or more complex health problems may need further review appointments to progress your treatment.

Appointments and prices:

I offer a free 15 minute phone call or  face to face appointment to discuss whether Nutritional Therapy is appropriate for you.

Initial consultation : This is an approximately 1.5 hours appointment  £80

Review appointment: Approximately  40 mins £40

Health Package: Initial consultation followed by 2 review appointments, at about 6-8 week intervals £140    This cost-effective package is ideal for addressing long standing or more complex  health issues, which need an in-depth approach. The review sessions allow us to make progressive changes, based on how your health responds to the therapy programme.

'Consult and cook' session: Combined initial consultation and cookery session, approximately 3 hours.  £160 This is an ideal opportunity to put together your nutritional programme and learn how to cook delicious dishes to support your dietary changes. You are welcome to bring along a 'buddy' such as your partner or a friend to join in the cooking (and eating!), but the consultation will focus just on you. Comments from a 'consult and cook' session:

"We booked a group cookery session & consultation with varied requirements such as Crohn’s disease and vegetarian needs to accommodate.

Penny was excellent at understanding the issues we faced, it was really reassuring to talk through everything before the cookery class.  The cooking session was great and we made numerous dishes which were simple to follow. Penny took the time to explain the ingredients and how they could help improve gut health and variety in our diets which we found really useful, as it linked back to the consultation.

We left the session with some lovely new recipes and gained confidence in what to try and work towards to increase variety/ iron rich foods and gut health for anti-inflammatory and/or vegetarian diets. It was great value for money."