Cookery Lessons

Do you want to learn to cook, or improve your ability to produce delicious and nutritious dishes?

Perhaps you’ve got stuck in a cookery rut and want to get some ideas about using some new, healthy ingredients.

I’m not a trained chef, but I am an experienced home cook with a flare for creating exciting and tasty meals. I’ve always loved food and cooking and whilst I was studing Nutritional Therapy I started to incorporate a wider range of familiar and exotic vegetables, pulses and different wholegrains into my repetoire.

I can help you to expand your healthy cooking skills and confidence, whether you want to cook your family quick and simple but healthy meals, or want to branch out and impress your partner or friends!

Contact me for further details of individual cookery lessons in your home, or mine. Or get a small group together for a enjoyable and relaxed cookery demonstration and tastings, with lots of healthy eating tips included.