IBS Awareness month is in April

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common gut complaint, thought to affect 10-20% of people in the UK. The main symptoms include long term constipation or diarrhoea with abdominal cramping pains and bloating. Some people have a type of IBS where constipation is the main issue, and in others diarrhoea predominates, whilst a third group of people alternate between the two. Symptoms may be constant or may flare up from time to time. The diagnosis of IBS is made when testing by the person’s GP has ruled out major diseases which may be underlying the symptoms.

When symptoms are severe, IBS can have a really negative affect on the individual’s quality of life. For example some people describe avoiding some of their usual activities such as going out for a walk, so that they can stay near to a toilet. Or they may start getting anxious about eating a range of foods because they are worried about triggering symptoms. This can lead to people severely restricting their diets, which may not be nutritionally balanced for long term health.  People may start to lose their enjoyment in eating and sometimes socialising, because of their IBS symptoms and the associated stress.

How Nutritional Therapy may help:

Everyone is different, and I work with individuals to help them manage their symptoms though adjustments to their diets which suit their specific needs.

For example some people need help to identify trigger foods and to trial an exclusion diet, whilst ensuring that they are not missing out on vital nutrients.

Other people need to focus on specific aspects of their diet such as amount and types of dietary fibre.

Most people benefit from advice on how to build and maintain a healthy population of gut bacteria, which is so vital for gut health.

For some people the stress and anxiety associated with IBS symptoms or eating pattern is significant, and I offer support, and advice regarding making manageable positive changes.

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Other Practitioners at The Treatment Space can offer additional help with managing IBS pain and anxiety/stress if needed.