Endometriosis awareness week  runs from 3rd to 18th March and aims to raise awareness of this condition and help women be diagnosed earlier. Endometrosis UK has more information on their website. Click here

Nutritional Therapy uses food, and sometimes nutritional supplements, to support processes in the body with the aim of improving health. In endometriosis inflammation is major factor which can contribute to women’s experience of pain. Hormonal regulation is also very important in trying to reduce endometriosis symptoms.

How can Nutritional Therapy help with endometriosis?

A Nutritional Therapy consultation looks at:

  • Your diet, and how your food choices and eating pattern may be impacting on your health
  • Nutrients needed to support hormonal pathways
  • An anti-inflammatory eating pattern: A research review (Thomas 2013) highlighted benefits for women with endometriosis from diets which include omega 3 fatty acids and higher levels of anti-oxidants in foods.
  • Practical ways of implementing dietary advice so that you can continue to enjoy your food.

Do give me a ring on 0114 2580901 if you want to discuss any aspects of using a nutritional approach to managing your condition.

Endometriosis symptoms can also be treated using physiotherapy and acupuncture. For further information on what my physiotherapist and acupuncturist colleagues at the Treatment Space can offer please look at the Treatment Space website. click here