Here are some comments from my clients:

“Thank you ever so much. I will say that your approach is very refreshing, you lifted a lot of my anxieties and hang ups even in our first session. You gathered a good understanding of my attitude towards food straight away and challenged the way I prioritise my diet. Having an approach around exploring how I can cook and eat differently rather than set meal plans really helped me to sustain it so I could overcome my issues  but also changed my eating habits permanently. I have really felt the difference no more bloating, no more fatigue. It was very empowering for me and I really appreciate it. Your advice around probiotics and supplements was spot on too and again I know now how I can factor the use of them, into my diet. I felt really out of control with it before but i feel like I have a good grasp on it and I understand my body better!” L.H.

“I just wanted to let you know what a difference your advice has made to my life: for years I’d suffered from incredibly embarrassing and painful IBS/intolerances, and I was on a very restricted diet and couldn’t eat out at all. You are a great listener, and took care to get a full picture so your recommendations would be tailored for me.
I’m delighted with the results – after years of suffering, your advice has enabled me to improve my ‘gut health’ to the point where I not only don’t suffer from the painful symptoms I once did, but I’ve also been able to expand what I can eat, so I can again accept dinner invitations and eat out – it has made a real positive and lasting difference to my life, thank you.” J.M

“It’s been on my mind to drop you a quick note to say thank you for the suggestions you made when I visited you last March. They’ve had a massive impact! I’ve slept right through more nights in these 8 or so weeks than I have in probably 8 years before that! And as a result, I’ve got way more energy at my disposal for all the other things I want to spend my time on  🙂  … and I’m feeling much more like my good old self! Thank you so much!” A.B.

“After about 7 years of recurring problems with heartburn and chronic bouts of mouth ulcers to the tongue, lips and throat, and numerous attempts to sort myself out through diet changes and other methods such as kinesiology and even acupuncture I had made some progress without really solving the worst problem – the ulcers.  I found Penny to be an excellent listener to a story of woe that wasn’t easy to convey with totally accuracy.  I think we all tend to forget some of our stubborn bad habits!   Her recommendations on diet and diet supplements were all practical and not at all daunting to build into my lifestyle and with a bit of discipline and patience I found improvements to my health came about within about a month of my visit.  I’m feeling confident that Penny has helped me make the necessary changes to get my health back on track and, whilst I’m hoping that I wont have cause to visit again, I would have no hesitation in taking up the offer of a review visit with Penny if necessary. I would encourage anyone who is any way sceptical of the power of diet changes to all round physical and mental well being to put aside any scepticism and pay Penny a visit. Many thanks Penny (and that is on behalf of me and my partner, because as anyone with illness knows, it isn’t just the person with the illness who suffers)” I.L.

“We booked a group cookery session & consultation with varied requirements such as Crohn’s disease and vegetarian needs to accommodate. Penny was excellent at understanding the issues we faced, it was really reassuring to talk through everything before the cookery class.  The cooking session was great and we made numerous dishes which were simple to follow. Penny took the time to explain the ingredients and how they could help improve gut health and variety in our diets which we found really useful, as it linked back to the consultation.We left the session with some lovely new recipes and gained confidence in what to try and work towards to increase variety/ iron rich foods and gut health for anti-inflammatory and/or vegetarian diets. It was great value for money.”A.G.

“Penny has helped with a range of problems I have resulting from a longstanding condition and surgery. She has given me confidence to manage my nutrition myself and provided high value information to explain some of the challenges I have been facing. Most of all some of the simple tips have been the best. She has always been attentive and sympathetic, never judgemental or critical of me. Support by email in between appointments was also very useful.”M.B.

“Having suffered with Crohn’s disease for 6 years I went to see Penny during my recent flare up due to the medication not working for me, Penny is a wonderful woman who not only listens to you and understands but also breaks everything down into simple steps, she changed my way of eating and gave me a supplement plan to help my body recover.Having just seen the specialist at the hospital for my blood test results my inflammation marker (CRP) is the lowest it’s been for 13 months. I genuinely believe this is down to the help and support from Penny and thanks to Penny I’m no longer in pain and I’m on the road to recovery.” N.M.

“I would like to say a very big thank you to Penny for  helping me with my IBS/leaky gut symptoms. Before coming to see Penny I had been trying to make sense of IBS for at least 14 years and this is the first time the whole thing has started to make any sense. After my  consultation with Penny, when she put together a very comprehensive diet and lifestyle plan/supplement plan, this helped me to concentrate on our agreed way forward for the next 3 months. Penny also helped me to focus on positives rather than all the negative aspects of IBS. During the 3 month plan, I have been virtually symptom free, except a couple of blips, but with the guidance/advice from Penny I didn’t dwell on these. Finally, I now feel that I am getting my life back on track, instead of being ill at least once a week. I can’t thank Penny enough for all her expert advice and for being a good listener.” L.B.

“I should like to thank you for the help you gave me at the consultation. Following your advice, I have been able to stabilise blood sugar levels and my BP is now back to normal. I feel much much better now that I am following your diet advice. I will not hesitate to return for further advice should I need to.” D.P.

“Many thanks to Penny for her advice and concern regarding my 5 year ‘battle’ with IBS. Her supplement plan alleviated this problem within five weeks and gave me back a quality of life and leisure that I believed would never happen. Again many thanks.” M.D.

“I found the session really useful because I was unclear about the amount of supplements and good nutrients I should be taking relating to myself keeping my immune system as good as possible.I already had done some research so some of the foods I was aware of such as green tea but Penny sent me a nutrition sheet and recommended a high anti-oxidant green tea which I would not have automatically thought about using so I was grateful for advice.I enjoyed the session and mostly enjoyed learning about the how the detoxification works in the body.” S.M.

“I came to see Penny looking for help to get my endometriosis under control. She took the time to listen and understand my symptoms and my needs and put together a nutrition plan that suited me personally. A year later and my eating habits have changed beyond recognition, I’m healthier and happier and most importantly my endometriosis is under much better control.” K.O.

“I cannot thank Penny enough for all the help and advice she has given me.  Within two weeks of our initial session I was already feeling the benefit of the changes she had suggested to me and the health problems I had suffered with for years, IBS and candida, were significantly improved. She broke everything down into easy stages and made sense of a lot of issues I had really been struggling with.  Penny is very professional but easy to talk to and I feel that she really listens and cares, giving lots of information and support.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Penny and am so glad that I took the time to see her myself.” M.R.