Covid 19 has been a massive challenge for everybody and  I, like many people, have started to work in a different way while face to face consultations have not been possible.

I have now carried out a number of consultations via video and have been delighted with how well the technology has worked. My clients have given good feedback, and I really feel that video consultations have felt very similar to face to face.

I have had Zoom, Skype and WhatApp video calls with clients and have found all these platforms very effective. I was slightly unsure how well WhatsApp video calling would work for a consultation as that has to be done on the phone, so the view of my client is smaller than on my computer, but I was surprised how easy it was to quickly develop a rapport and to conduct the consultation pretty much as if  we were were in the room together.

So if you have been wondering whether to contact me for a consultation at the moment, or you do not live near Sheffield but would like to consult with me, please do get in contact and we will look at what is the best way for you to access a video appointment. Just ring me on 0114 2580901 to discuss.